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millbrook, ny estate seeks farmer

Posted: December 18 2012

We are looking for a farmer to design and manage a new, two to three acre market garden operation on a beautiful Hudson Valley estate. This is a hands-on position with lots of autonomy and responsibilities.
The applicant must be able to create and implement a business plan that allows the farm to be economically self-sustaining by selling at an on-site stand, local markets as well as to restaurants. In addition to the market garden, the farm will include chickens and goats/sheep for the production of dairy products.
The farm will eventually be part of a larger agritourism business on the property that will include a farm-stay, a food, and an education component. Because of the nature of the future business, the garden must be both productive and attractive with flowers and thoughtful design. Once established, a portion of what is produced will be consumed as part of the larger business.
We are offering a property that is entirely deer fenced, including soil suitable for farming, a ½ acre pond, an irrigation well, a three-year-old apple orchard, and a tractor and other farm equipment. Barn design and construction are underway. The person hired will have significant input into decisions regarding plant selection, design, irrigation, and other infrastructure improvements.
The applicant must have at least three years related experience with demonstrable skills to run a successful business including experience in:
organic vegetable, berry and apple growing;
crop planning and rotation;
compost and soil management;
organic pest management;
animal husbandry;
greenhouses and drip irrigation systems;
record keeping using Excel spreadsheets; and
use of all types of farm equipment and tools.
The applicant must be a self-starter, independent, resourceful, enthusiastic, creative, honest, very hardworking, detail-oriented, neat, and tobacco/drug-free. Compensation and benefits are negotiable with an incentive plan and opportunity for growth. A one bedroom, on-site apartment can be included. We will be flexible for the right person. Please send inquiries, resume and compensation expectations to [email protected].

hudson, new york