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mesoamerica resiste

Posted: June 23 2013

MR_Crop4_SmallThe Beehive Collective has a new poster!

In their words: These graphics depict many stories of resistance to Project Mesoamerica, formerly known as the PPP (Plan Puebla Panama), a massive infrastructure project that aims to pave the way for Free Trade in Mexico, Central America and ColombiaThe name of this Graphics Campaign, Mesoamerica Resiste, reflects our efforts to go beyond illustrating corporate globalization -- to illustrate, document and share diverse stories of survival, community development, collective action and inspiration... In our latest work, so far we’ve included over 200 endemic, endangered and requested species of insects and animals, and more than 100 plants. The collection of images that the Bees have produced are being woven together into a giant poster that will be printed on two sides.

Head here to check it out, learn more, and to support this art that teaches and inspires.

hudson, new york