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Meet Your Meat with SAFE

Posted: February 17 2009

Those SAFE kids are rockin' it out there on the West Coast!
Meet Your Meat
devilsgulchThe Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology is proud to announce an upcoming series of tours, panels, and workshops on good, clean, and fair animal husbandry and meat production. The series, called Meet Your Meat, is a portrayal of the local meat economy in the Bay Area and how that model can be improved and spread. We want to show how animals can be part of a vibrant and diverse agricultural system and some part of our diet as responsible omnivores. Meet Your Meat is offered as a counterpoint to the brutal industrial meat system and the rightfully appalling PETA video of the same title.
The series will metaphorically follow an animal from farm, to slaughter, to butcher, to cook, to plate in the following events:

Visit to Devil's Gulch Ranch and Clark Summit Farm
Saturday, February 14, 8am-4pm, Marin County
Meet at 8am in the West Circle on the UC Berkeley Campus.
With Mark Pasternak (Devil's Gulch Ranch) and Liz Cunninghame (Clark Summit Farm)
Limit 50 people, please RSVP to [email protected] with subject line 'Marin'
Potluck picnic lunch hosted at Devil's Gulch Ranch (please bring a dish to share and your own plate, silverware, napkin, and cup). Come prepared for inclement weather.
Local Slaughterhouses, Local Meat
Thursday, February 19, 7pm, UC Berkeley Campus (location TBA)
With panelists Sallie Calhoun (Cutting Edge Meat, Inc., Paicines Ranch), Sam Goldberger (North Coast Meats), Mac Magruder (Magruder Ranch), Mark Pasternak (Devil's Gulch Ranch), Paul Canales (Oliveto), Marsha McBride (Café Rouge), and journalist Heather Smith as moderator.
Please RSVP to [email protected] with subject line 'Slaughter' so that we may secure a location with adequate space.
The Art of the Butcher
Hosted in collaboration with Meatpaper
Thursday, March 5, 7pm, UC Berkeley Campus (location TBA)

With panelists Ryan Farr (Ivy Elegance, CHEFS Program), Nate Appleman (A16, Urbino), Melanie Eisemann (Avedano's), Mark Pasternak (Devil's Gulch Ranch), and Marissa Guggiana (Sonoma Direct, Secret Eating Society) as moderator.
The discussion will be followed by a demonstration by Chef Ryan Farr on how a whole carcass is broken down into cuts of meat.
Please RSVP to [email protected] with subject line 'Butcher' so that we may secure a location with adequate space.
Fête du Cochon and hog roast
Saturday, March 7, details forthcoming
A working visit to Soul Food Farm and a tour of Meridian Jacobs Ranch
Saturday, March 14, 8am-4pm, Solano County
Meet at 8am in the West Circle on the UC Berkeley Campus
With Robin Lynde (Meridian Jacobs), Alexis Koefoed (Soul Food), and Samin Nosrat (Eccolo)
Limit 50 people, please RSVP to [email protected] with subject line 'Solano'
We will be helping with chores at Soul Food Farm. Come dressed for work and prepared for inclement weather. Please bring a picnic lunch. Samin Nosrat, Sous Chef at Eccolo Restaurant in Berkeley, will discuss using Soul Food Farm products over lunch.
Hide Brain Tanning Workshop
April 11-12 or April 18-19, all day, Ghost Town Farm in Oakland
Cost $100
With Tamara Wilder (Paloetechnics, author of Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning ), and Novella Carpenter (Ghost Town Farm)
Braintanned leather is a beautiful, soft, durable, and washable material which is made using the same natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable methods employed by most Native American groups. In this two day class, participants will partake in the whole process using using goatskins and/or deerskins-from scraping the hide to smoking the softened hide.
Limit 16. Please RSVP to [email protected] with subject line 'Tanning' with your preferred weekend so that we may pick the weekend with the most interest.
Salumi Tasting
Hosted in collaboration with Slow Food Berkeley
April 20, details forthcoming
Unless otherwise noted, there is no admission charge for any SAFE event and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We do request a $5 donation to SAFE for each event attended to defray the cost of the event and reimburse the travel costs of the panelists who so kindly donate their time. We ask those with more resources to consider a greater donation to underwrite the attendance of students or community members with limited means.
Please distribute this announcement freely. If you received this message indirectly and would like to be reminded of future SAFE events, please visit Agrariana.org and subscribe to our announcements list.
For more information, please visit Agrariana.org or contact Mat