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mapping/reclaiming vacant lots in NYC

Posted: September 8 2012

we always dig swanky mapping tools -- so we were pretty darn excited to hear about the good work of 596 Acres -- an organization in NYC helping neighbors form connections to the vacant public lots in their lives.
Hundreds of acres of vacant public land exist in New York City, hidden in plain sight behind chain-link fences in neighborhoods where green space and other public amenities are scarce. We are building the tools for communities to get the keys legally and unlock all these rusty gates—and the opportunities within them. These include:
(1) making municipal information available through an online interactive map;
(2) placing signs on vacant public land that explain each lot’s status and steps that the community can take in order to be able to use this land;
(3) visioning sessions for education about public land holdings by invitation from community groups;
(4) engaging the community when an interested potential leader reaches out; and
(5) direct advocacy with New York City agencies.
get involved!

red hook, new york