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many of us never even think about rio, and UN governance

Posted: March 21 2012

but then there are these lovely campaigners, who are championing it.

On June 22, U.N. delegates from around the world will gather in Rio at the Earth Summit to define priorities of action in support of sustainable development. Food has been identified as one of the 7 critical issues to be discussed.  
In fact, a coalition of some 160 NGOs (IAASTD RIO+20 including Millennium Institute and Biovision Foundation, has recognized food security as the top priority. Those organizations support the recommendations of the World Agricultural Report (also known as the IAASTD Report) that was endorsed by 59 countries in 2008. Such recommendations promote agroecology as our best option to improve food security going forward. They include:
* encouraging and rewarding farming practices that do regenerate and conserve natural resources such as topsoil, water and agricultural biodiversity, while reducing oil dependency and greenhouse gases, and capturing carbon.
* supporting small sustainable family farms that produce diversified crops, and incorporate animals and trees in their ecosystem.
Since 2008, none of those 59 countries has implemented any public policy aligned with the recommendations of the report. The Earth Summit is the perfect opportunity to remind them of their commitment. That's what the IAASTD Rio+20 initiative has been working on at the institutional level. 
Meanwhile, its public-outreach arm, nourish9billion.org, has taken on a parallel mission: gathering signatures to demand that the United States, who had withdrawn its support to the report at the 11th hour, step forward, and lead by example by honoring five requests aligned with the recommendations of the IAASTD Report. 
Read and sign the petition here.
nourish9billion.org invites you to its platform to join the campaign, partake in the conversation, and spread the word in your community and through your networks. Use its tools to grow this movement, including organizing informative events--then sharing about them. Take the pledge and let it guide you, as you take steps towards transforming our food system one meal at a time.
Let's work together to ensure that our children's grand-children, and their children, have access to healthy, fresh and abundant food supplies. All that's needed is personal and political will. And that befalls upon us, as consumers and citizens.

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