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maine: goat intensive biochar workshop with shana hanson

Posted: April 22 2016

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Dear friends,
Sunday at 8 AM Gary Masalin and Shana Hanson will lead an optimum open burn for
biochar in the Rainbow Roof house pasture (striped multicolored roof, 195 Back Belmont Rd. on the north side of the rd. just out of town from Jesse Robbins Rd. by less than half a mile).  Spectators and helpers are invited.
This practice is especially suited to goat farmers feeding high quantities of tree fodder, as we collect a surplus of brush annually, and tend not to have time to move brush to, nor size for, a retort burner.  I use the biochar to seed new pasture species into sod, and
for urine catchment and soil improvement at gates, on paths and in bedding (which later gets spread).  The (usually white) goats like to roll in the charcoal for skin mites - handy labor saver if your desired use requires the biochar to be ground up.
I have a small video camera.  I am hoping that one of you will volunteer to capture our burn process on video, to be of use to others.
RSVP if possible, but certainly you are also welcome to just show up.
Thanks, Shana