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local produce around the dock

Posted: March 31 2011

Check out the Farm Boat Floating Market
Why Deliver Farm Goods by Boat?
Thousands of vessels plied the waters between Puget Sound and Alaska a century ago, delivering fresh local farm produce, lumber and passengers to welcoming ports along the way. The inland waters of the Northwest was once a bustling highway linking even the smallest island communities into a web of regularly scheduled routes. Farmers, dairymen, and ranchers relied on this vibrant and diverse fleet of vessels to bring their goods to market and to receive supplies. The Mosquito Fleet, as it was called back then, provided a unique way of life for early inhabitants. For those who worked the inland waters of the Northwest, the romance of the sea was a common element in their lives.
Today, the watery highways still beckon to those rugged souls who stray from the frail and congested concrete ribbons spanning across the lowlands. Maintaining maritime trade routes is more than just a celebration of tradition. In the event of a regional disaster such as a major earthquake for instance, water-based community links can serve as vital infrastructure to the Puget Sound region. FarmBoat maritime interns and volunteers will learn what it takes to coordinate and transport cargo between local ports and communities.
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