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live-on-farm opportunity - MD

Posted: September 19 2011

Seeking tenants for a farmhouse in Finksburg, MD.  Here's a note from the young farmer neighbors.  Email McKenzie for more information. mckenzieditter at gmail.com

Our landlords are perfect. Cherokee and her sisters Pawnee and Shawnee grew up in the house for rent during the 50's and 60's. Their parents moved here right after WWII so they could start a farm. They previously lived in Baltimore City and had a victory garden. Back in the day, the farm had everything. Bees, worms, rabbits, cattle, hay, orchards, veggies... The old Massy Ferg is still functional too.
When we moved here two months ago, there was only one big pasture. Now we have chickens, rabbits, bees, sheep, alpacas, and are starting plans for next year's garden. There's a lot of potential here for someone interested in learning how to start a farm. It's not like we're experts or anything, but we have a couple years of experience and have made plenty of mistakes to teach us the ropes. This coming season will be a test run anyway, so it's not like our livelihood is on the line. Whomever lives here would have to find a local job to make rent on the side. Part time would probably be sufficient. The house would be ideal for two people, MAYBE three. It was built in the 1700's and is a log cabin beneath the exterior. There's a huge front porch that overlooks a pond, and Liberty Reservoir is in our front yard. The kitchen is ridiculously cute... blue retro wallpaper and baby blue tiles. There's a wood stove in the living room. I can send more detailed photos to anyone who's really interested. The rent is yet undetermined, but will be about $1000 per month, no higher. There's one full bath and a half bath upstairs. The land is 25 acres and is shared by us and our landlords. Pawnee and her husband are really into living off the land and are working on expanding their orchards and fruit bushes. They're most likely going to help us create a large communal garden in the spring.
In the meantime, you can find pictures of the farm on my blog. July 20th was my first post after moving in, so everything after that is recent.

Finksburg, MD


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