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letters from young farmers: our task

Posted: May 19 2008

from Louella Hill, Cheesemaker, Narragansett Creamery
You are kind to call to consult me the consultant.
What a little dilemma you have...
But also... not really.
My instant gut reaction was simple and strong:
Your task right now is to make this film.
Your task is not to overthink yourself.
It is not to judge yourself.
It is not to draw lines between them and us.
Rather--it is to draw connections. It is to
invite more people, who otherwise might just never have
known, into the fold. We need them. They are strange,
consumerish tacky folk. But we need them. We need them
and their votes and their voices and their cars with reliable
brake pads. etc.
Go forth. Say yes to Whole Foods-- and then be a
whimsy little perfect bee and spin things wisely;
so that the grungettes believe the film is for them
and the yupettes believe the film is for them
and the urbettes believe the film is for them
and the croquettes just want to be eaten.
Remember you are loved from many directions, simoultaneaously.
Sleep well,