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letters from young farmers: Drew McCoy

Posted: June 5 2008

i'm interested in helping!
from 82 to 2000 i was a dairy farm kid on Wotokahan Farm in Ohio
and then
in 01 i was attending Drake in Iowa working on a graphic design/advertising degree
i dropped out ($)
from 02 to 05 i attended BraincoMSA in Minnesota which is an advertising portfolio shcool
i graduated in 05 with an art direction focus
in 05 my dad was wrongly sent to prison in a local highly-politicized case of assault
i had previously agreed to farm in his stead were this to happen (in my mind there was no way this could happen - he hit a rouge tresspassing hunter who had pointed a loaded gun at him)
the farm was at that point a grassfed organic angus beef operation on our homestead (150+ years)
i ran the farm for a year until we won our appeal and he was released.
then the plan was to stick around for another year to farm with my father to learn what i could because it was likely that i would be the one returning to it when he retired/died.
that plan failed when he was killed in a farming accident early last summer.
most of that time i kept a blog at
i did not at that time want to take over the farm. 300 acres, organic for 25+ years, 60 head breeding herd, machinery and fences and barns all there and ready. and i did not want it.
" Yeah yeah we can all grab at the chance to be handsome farmers" - yeasayers 2080
this worked out as we found a young couple who wanted to rent the farm to turn it back into an organic dairy.
since then i've been selling off the cows and the equipment.
i plan on eventually returning to Mpls to take some more ad classes before looking for a job.
i haven't touched illustrator or photoshop since i came home in 05. but i plan on going back through the books and resharpening my graphic mind very soon.
i'm poorly and lightly graphically trained, most of it forgotten. but i am returning to it right now. i know quite a bit about being in my low 20s and running a farm. i understand the drive to want to return to such things. people have been known to mistake me for a hipster. i like all things regarding sustainability. my heros are steve talbott, michael pollan, and joel salatin.
so what would you like from me?
i'm going to be starting up a new blog, but as i'm not going to be farming, it probably won't be anything you could use directly.
drew mccoy


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