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let's get boone funded!

Posted: June 5 2013

26 hours to go on this great project, which we've mentioned before.  They are just over $2k from their goal!
Boone - The Documentary

Three young farmers risk land and friendship to stand up to the USDA. An experiential film about living a life of self reliance.

What happens when we align our work with our beliefs? How does a lifestyle dictated by the seasons change who we become?
We have spent two years filming over 500 hours of footage on a small goat farm in Southern Oregon, documenting three young farmers operate a small dairy and then stand up to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's unfair small farm regulations.
BOONE is an experiential film; there are no interviews with agricultural experts or theorists. While the footage shows the individual and collective consequences of taking responsibility for our food, the larger themes of the documentary are about assigning meaning to our actions in any field.  BOONE is an homage to the liberation within great personal risk.

hudson, new york