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landslide community farm - pittsburgh, pa

Posted: July 29 2009

Here's another urban farm project to keep on your radar.
Lanslide Logo
Landslide is a Hill district based, not for profit, urban farm dedicated to being a free source of healthy food for the community. Landslide is a neighborhood and volunteer run project committed to sustainability and focused on mutual aid. We hold weekly open meetings run on consensus and regular work days for friends and neighbors to come down and volunteer with collective members.
On the farm site we are planting an organic vegetable garden, a forest garden and a fun and educational children’s garden. In addition to the farming at Landslide, part of our mission is to support other garden projects in our neighborhood and we hope to me with and learn from other gardens in our community.
Check out their website for news on their projects and how to get involved: www.landslidecommunityfarm.org