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June 20 - greenhorns goat spit throwdown menu!

Posted: May 28 2009


And should you need further temptation than the poster provides, here's what you'll be tasting if you come to our block party on June 20th:
Sandwiches featuring young spit-roasted goat from Belmond Farm & Bethlehem Boer Goat Ranch
Local Grassfed Hamburgers from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats
Herb Chevre from Beltane Farm
Grilled Spring onions from Blooming Hill Farm
Fresh Vegetables from Upstate Farms
Homemade Mayo featuring Awesome Farm Eggs
Olive Oil from Frankie’s Spuntino
Salad Greens & Parsley from Smithereen Farm
Yogurt from Hawthorne Valley
Pickles from McClure's
Sodas from GuS & Fentimen's
Krankie's Coffee with Organic Valley milk and cream
Captain Lawrence Beer on tap!


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