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joseph simcox: gardens across america

Posted: December 4 2015

Are you are interested in working with Joseph Simcox, The Botanical Explorer, as a select gardener to share in his special seed grow-outs? Do you wish to participate in this coast to coast effort to stitch America together with garden networks? Are you good at keeping a garden journal or documenting your progress with photos, videos, a blog, or notes? Please click HERE. We’re looking for individuals who will follow through to save seed properly and send seed back to us so that we can expand our program.

Participants in our “Gardens Across America Project” may be featured in articles, social media, or other, to teach about the joys of gardening. They may also get a surprise from me. Follow our Project on Facebook.

Dedicated and diligent participants in this project may be invited to join the The Rare Vegetable Seed Consortium, a group I helped found over ten years ago to protect and promote rare varieties and landraces which are local cultivars that have been improved by traditional agricultural methods.