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jam at the dam

Posted: June 30 2008

Ringing bells, shaking hands, warm hugs, and good food were abounding yesterday as the third meeting of New Amsterdam Market got underway. New York's brightest bakers, chefs, food producers, purveyors, and caterers were on hand to curate the bounty of the regions foremost farmer heroes. Yesterday at the Seaport, it was a day dedicated to the small. It was an opportunity to show New Yorkers the delicious prospect of a permanent, year round indoor public market powered by the potent persistence of stewards committed to soil fertility and animal husbandry. Along with them, we were honored to share our vision and shine the light on the emerging young farmer movement-the movement of growing, determined, and wonderfully dynamic patriots of the land. The patriots who will not strip, poison, or pollute the foundational resource of our country. A market of this sort will give these producers, both new and seasoned, the channel of consistency needed to revive regional and community food systems, which means that family farmers can succeed and thrive. As the City of New York ruminates on the proposals submitted for the use of this property, it's clear that the people are behind the idea that small is bountiful and food from friends tastes better. BIG LOVE!