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its world food day!

Posted: October 16 2017

Today is world food day and the second day of Food Week of Action. World food day was established in 1945 on the anniversary of the launch of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Celebrated on the 16th of October each year, the purpose is to raise awareness of hunger and poverty and to inspire ideas for change, the ultimate goal is zero hunger. The FAO gives 8 reasons why we should all do what we can to achieve zero hunger:

1) Zero hunger could save the lives of 3.1 million children a year
2) Well-nourished mothers have healthier babies with stronger immune systems
3) Ending child undernutrition could increase a developing country's GDP by 16.5 percent
4) A dollar invested in hunger prevention could return between $15 and $139 in benefits
5) Proper nutrition early in life could mean 46 percent more in lifetime earnings
6) Eliminating iron deficiency in a population could boost workplace productivity by 20 percent
7) Ending nutrition-related child mortality could increase a workforce by 9.4 percent
8) Zero hunger can help build a safer, more prosperous world for everyone
Today take a moment to give thanks for the food we eat — for the many hands and good earth it comes from — and return the blessing by donating to an organization committed to ending hunger, building community prosperity, and working for just and sustainable food and farm systems.
Don't forget that the Food Sovereignty Prize giving ceremony takes place tomorrow at 12:00 PM EDT, click HERE to register.