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intern with four seasons farm

Posted: February 28 2011

Location: Maitland, Nova Scotia
Four Seasons Farm offers a unique "seed to plate" experience to learn about sustainable growing in a supportive environment. Family-run since 1992, we specialize in small-scale, organic practices and provide quality vegetables and herbs for restaurants and the Halifax Farmers Market, the largest market in the Maritimes. We are currently seeking two applicants for the full season and four seasonal internships.Qualifications:
* A strong interest in local, organic, and small-scale vegetable production.
* Applicants who have previous education and/or work experience in agriculture are preferred. However, students or new entrants to organic farming are also encouraged.
* Observant and inquisitive; can follow instructions; enjoys hands-on learning
* Hard-working and highly motivated
* In good physical shape and energetic
* Good communications skills; able to work and live in a cooperative environment
Work/Learn Description:
* Learning and working take place in both individual and group settings; there is individual instruction, group demonstrations, and working with one another to pass along skills.
* Over the course of the season interns will develop skills in the many areas of "seed to plate" farming including: Seeding and transplanting; Compost making, Soil fertility and soil preparations; Irrigation; Trellising and pruning; Weed, pest and disease prevention and management; Managing and improving high tunnels; Crop-specific harvesting and post-harvest care; Farm direct marketing, delivering and selling at a farm market; Cooking and preserving produce
* Detailed instructions are given to develop the skills necessary to perform tasks on the farm.
* It is the detailed instruction along with performing the tasks that develop skills.
* Occasional presentations by visiting folks are organized on relevant topics.
* There is an extensive farming library where the staff can help facilitate independent study.
* The regular work schedule generally runs from 7:30-8 am to 6:30-7 pm with a morning break and an hour for lunch.
* Interns should expect to work some weekends on a rotating basis being responsible for irrigation, chickens care and selling at a farmers market.
* Interns are also expected to take part in managing an orderly household, including some simple household chores and taking turns cooking
Additional Benefits:
* Housing is provided in a large family farm house.
* Access to long-distance phone calls, a computer with wireless internet and a laundry.
* All meals are provided mostly family style, with meat and vegetarian options.
* Regular opportunities to participate in meal preparation with menus of your choice and many fresh ingredients.
* An opportunity to explore this beautiful region of Nova Scotia right on the mudflats of the Bay of Fundy.
* The chance to meet others from around the world involved in the local farm and food revival movement.
* A stipend/salary which will be based on experience and length of commitment.
To apply:
* The 2011 season will run from March/April to November/December, with limited room for shorter stays as well. Let us know how we can work with your availability. There is no deadline as positions are filled on a rolling basis.
* Our minimum length of stay is two weeks, though preference is given to applicants with the intention to stay longer.
* We encourage international applicants to the internship. Please ask us if you have questions about arranging for the appropriate work and travel documents early on.
* Please email a cover letter and resume or a letter expressing your interest and background to: drnrjror@ns.sympatico.ca . We follow up with you to have conversation by phone or Skype.
* For more information see our website: http://www.fourseasonsfarm.ca under the "Internship" section
A warm welcome to those who enjoy hard work, tasty food, good conversation and
music, and living with a diverse group of people.

maitland, nova scotia