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if your greenhorns are astral cow antennae--

Posted: June 10 2009

perhaps you'd like to share your theories, insights and bold gestures of genius with the larger biodynamic community...
this just in from the biodynamics farming and gardening association:
In order to foster an ongoing and inclusive conversation about future of the biodynamic movement, we are soliciting brief pieces on the current and hoped-for future state of biodynamics in North America. We would greatly value your input on this issue, with the unique perspectives that you can bring from your particular involvement with biodynamics. We hope this will be the beginning of a continuing exploration in the Biodynamics journal, on the website and in meetings with members and friends of the Association.
We are looking for short pieces, a couple of paragraphs in length - although we also welcome longer submissions, up to 900 words - that address the following questions:
* What inspires you about biodynamics?
* What excites you about the movement, or what do you see as important challenges and opportunities facing us?
* Where would you like to see biodynamics in 10 years?
The submission deadline is Monday, June 22. We may publish submissions in Biodynamics and/or on our website, and they may be edited for clarity or length. If possible, please include a digital photo of yourself and a short, one- or two-sentence bio that includes your relationship with biodynamics.
Thank you so much for your time and commitment!
Rebecca Briggs
Communications Director
Editor, Biodynamics
Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
(541) 998-0105