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how about a crowdsource?

Posted: December 26 2009

We've mostly stopped our shopping.
But then there is the exception: Gear.
Gear for rain
Gear for mud
Gear for thorns
Gear for maintaining fence-lines.
And frankly, it's quite a hunt finding suitable sturdy equipment for the small heroics of farm maintenance.
At the Patagonia store everything is flash, purple and shiny. With toggles and strips of reflective tape. Not so at the hardware store.
There are some great companies out there providing us with what we need: oftentimes the best stuff is at the thrift store
critical kit identified by our mini-crowdsource:
woolen pendleton shirts
good panama hat
german silk/wool blend undershirts
arborwear tough canvas double thick work pants
Red Ants Pants for women
xtratuf insulated marine boots
alphaburly insulated steelshank hunting boots

If you have suggestions of badass equipment companies or articles of gear-- please will you send them in? Preferably with a little description. We'd like to have a bit of a compendium. email [email protected]