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high tunnel cost-share

Posted: September 18 2012
Are you interested in applying for the USDA NRCS High Tunnel Cost-Share Program? Don't miss out on this great opportunity at Stone Barns Center! 
NRCS High Tunnel Cost-Share Program
Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Apply for the USDA NRCS High Tunnel Cost-Share Program and other cost-share opportunities under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).
This workshop will guide beginning farmers through a federal cost-share application process, the High Tunnel program. (This application process is also good for the Micro-Drip Irrigation program and other EQIP programs.)
The goal is to have workshop participants understand the entire application process, and be fully prepared to meet with their Farm Service Agency staff. The workshop covers all steps of the application process, including registering with the Farm Service Agency, confirming eligibility, and completing the full Natural Resources Conservation Service application and application packet. Workshop participants will also learn how to find out more about receiving technical assistance from NRCS staff in their region.
This workshop is for beginning and other farmers who own or lease land for their own farm operation. If you are considering starting a farm enterprise, you might be interested in attending this workshop for informational purposes, but will not currently qualify for the program. Click here to register.
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