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heritage radio network

Posted: January 11 2010

just a shout out to the network that is home to our greenhorns radio show (every thursday!)
No matter where you are, you can listen online to lots of great programs.  including:
Cutting the Curd with Anne Saxelby
If there is one thing Anne Saxelby knows, its cheese. Cutting the Curd, heard every other Sunday on HRN, finds Anne disseminating that dairy know-how to the listening public. Every episode also includes guests from the world of dairy, ranging from historians to farmers, chefs to cheese mongers, all engaging in dairy discourse so that you might gain a better understanding (and a better block) of this thing we call cheese.

The Main Course with  Patrick Martins and Katy Keiffer

On The Main Course, hosts Patrick Martins and Katy Keiffer examine issues at the front and center of the sustainability and culinary worlds. Meet the key figures in this country's sustainable food chain--from producer to consumer--including farmers, distributors, marketers, and chefs. The Main Course dissects every detail of the eating experience, from how the farmers raise the food, to how the chefs prepare it, to how ethics and policy can affect both.
The Naturalist with Bernie Wides
Bernie Wides aka The Naturalist is a walking encyclopedia of history, biology, geography, and a whole host of words ending in "y". The Naturalist is his platform to make you just a little bit smarter every week, covering an enormous breadth of topics from animal life to prehistoric New York. Let Bernie's dulcet voice and razor sharp intellect guide you through 30 minutes of pure, unadulterated knowledge.
and many more.