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hawthorne valley farm seeking field vegetable apprentice

Posted: March 3 2013

hawthorneHawthorne Valley Farm is a modern, diversified, Biodynamic farm in upstate New York. Our farm spans 400 acres of woodlands and rolling hills, open fields and meadows, and flowing creeks and streams. We lease an additional 300 acres in the area. At the heart of the farm is the closed herd of 60 cows which, to a large degree, provides the pulse for and rhythm of the adjunct operations.
Field Vegetable Apprenticeship
The Field Vegetable Apprenticeship provides the foundational knowledge for prospective farmers to experience a year in vegetable production. This apprenticeship involves working primarily within the field vegetable operation which grows vegetables for Hawthorne Valley Farm’s 300-member Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and Greenmarket stands in New York City. Likely, 1 day a week, this apprentice will also work in the farm’s 2-acre intensive vegetable garden (where 4-wheel tractors are not used). Ideal applicants will have beginning experience in some type of vegetable enterprise.
This apprenticeship includes exposure to:

  • Vegetable planting planning and growing
  • Greenhouse propagation activities
  • Transplanting
  • Cultivation and weeding
  • Harvesting
  • Post-Harvest handling including washing and packing
  • Distribution
  • CSA, Farmers’ Market, and store sales
  • Weekly field walks with vegetable team to assess crops and plan for the upcoming week

Please go to our website www.hawthornevalleyfarm.org/apprenticeships for more information or contact [email protected]

hudson, new york