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harvesting opportunities conference

Posted: August 2 2012

Harvesting Opportunities: Growing Local Food Economies and Protecting Farmland
A Conference to Inspire and Educate New Yorkers to Support Agriculture, Strengthen Local Farm and Food Economies and Get Involved in Protecting Farmland

Keynote Speaker: Verlyn Klinkenborg, author The Rural Life and Making Hay
Join American Farmland Trust on November 15th for an exciting conference in New York entitled Harvesting Opportunities: Growing Local Food Economies & Protecting Farmland.
The business of growing and selling food is a major contributor to New York’s economy.  Farms annually sell almost $5 billion a year in farm products and when combined with food businesses generate roughly 10% of New York’s annual economic output. 
Yet, New York loses a farm to real estate development every 3 ½ days and more than 4,000 farms have been lost to development over the last 30 years.

This conference will bring together farmers, public officials, land trusts and local food and public health leaders to take a serious look at the potential to grow New York’s economy by strengthening connections between farmers and local consumers and protecting our state’s irreplaceable farmland. 
The conference will be held on November 15th at the Hotel Albany, on the corner of Lodge and State Streets, in downtown Albany.
For more details go to:  www.farmland.org/newyork.

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