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handmade soba

Posted: July 12 2013

Sharing the art of noodle making: Sonoko Sakai's Kneading Conference West workshop will lead participants through the step by step hands-on process that turns buckwheat into delicious Zaru Soba (cold buckwheat noodles served with a dipping sauce and garnishes).


Sonoko Sakai is a food writer, Japanese cooking instructor and noodle maker.

Her kitchen stories and recipes have been published in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Saveur and Zester Daily. Sakai's cookbook, The Poetical Pursuit of Food, Japanese Recipes for American Cooks (Potter) is about the season-to-season days spent in her grandmother's kitchen in Japan. Sakai is founder of Common Grains, a cultural and educational project dedicated to providing people in the world with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Japanese food and culture.  One of Common Grains' missions is to showcase the everyday importance of grains within a healthy lifestyle. Sakai is working to develop a community grain hub in Southern California with a grant from Anson Mills.  Sakai lives with her husband in Los Angeles.  Their son, Sakae and his wife Binah live in Seattle.

TO ENROLL email [email protected].  First come, first served.
The 2013 Kneading Conference West schedule.
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September 12-14, 2013
Washington State University Agriculture Research and Extension Center
Mount Vernon, Washington
Registration fee: $300.
Tuition includes all days, multiple workshops and lectures, and delicious meals from local farms and producers.
For more information:
mount vernon, wa