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grow nut trees

Posted: October 6 2010

in new york!
GROW NUT TREES The fall meeting of the New York Nut Growers Association will be at SUNY, Morrisville, 80 Eaton St., Morrisville, NY 13408, (which is 16 miles south of Exit 34 on US 90, between Syracuse and Utica), on Saturday, October 23 from,  9 to 3.  This fall colors at this time of year will be spectacular.  There are several excellent restaurants in the area, as well as a museum of the Chenango Canal.  We will meet at the Student Activity Building in back of Parking Lot A at 9:00 for breakfast and registration.   In the morning and afternoon we will have presentations on topics of interest to nut growers:  starting a nut tree planting; the importance of drainage in growing nut trees; nuts to reduce obesity and health problems; experience with hazelnuts and heartnuts; stratifying nuts for spring planting; the New York State Agricultural Mediation Program, sudden oak wilt; and nut trees in a forest setting.  Rebecca Dowsland, the Executive Chef for SUNY Morrisville, will prepare various recipes using nuts and give out samples during lunch.  Horticulture students will hold a plant sale throughout the day.  Dr. Kelly Hennigan, the Chair of the Horticulture Department, asked for participants to bring whatever seeds and nuts they can gather for her students to study.  She is also looking for families to can host student interns, even for a short period of time, to enhance their horticultural/agricultural education.  Weather permitting, we will plant nut trees and prepare a field for next year’s planting by sowing a cover crop.  We will also load nuts in wire cages for the stratification pit by the greenhouses, and roast chestnuts.  Registration which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and handouts is $18 per person.  Please send a check payable to “NYNGA” to Rick Monheim, NYNGA Treasurer, 1023 County Road 6, Phelps, NY 14532 – 9548.  For more information, see www.nynga.org, or contact Jerry Henkin, NYNGA Vice President, [email protected], (914) 423 – 7458 or (914) 282 – 1371 (cell).