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Greenhorns Update from Terra Madre

Posted: October 25 2008

Kaycee Wimbish and Severine V T Fleming just presented to the US delegation at Terra Madre. We showed the film, and gave our list of what young farmers need to succeed
Five things young farmers need to succeed:
Land. Liberty. Stamina. Sunshine.
These are the natural ingredients for an edible future.
Courage- Role models, supportive families, kinship groups, teams of allies with helpful skills
Land- access to the means of production, those within slow food who have land
Training-high schools, vocational schools, fingers in the soil trainings at Universities
Capitalization- low interest loans do already exist in the USA for young farmers.  Community loans also a possibility
Information Networks- We are the craigslist generation, but often slightly instiutionally illiterate.
Cultural, Educational, Celebrational Infrastructure. -  on helping us make available:
Bonfires, barn dances, networking, rock and roll.
Slow Foods article about Kaycee Wimbish.