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+++greenhorns farm/office apprentice+++

Posted: July 30 2008

The Greenhorns is a small, volunteer driven organization whose mission is to support, recruit and promote young farmers in America.  Our main focus is the production of a documentary film called "The Greenhorns". (You can watch the trailer at www.thegreenhorns.net/trailer.)
We are looking for a dedicated farm/office apprentice.
Part time indoors. Part time outdoors. This is a residential internship on an organically managed farm in the Hudson Valley.
Description of Duties.
Our work consists of:
Film Production- Making the film 'The Greenhorns'
Media Communications/Promotion
Writing the Book
Young Farmer mentorship/support/networking
Publications for young Farmers.
Marketing Paraphenalia for young farmers
Library+Film Library, film festival outreach to schools
Web resources and presence: Blog, WIKI, website, Mapping project:
Conference for Young Farmers at stone barns
Outreach at other conferences-tabling
Workshops for young farmers at Slow Food Nation/Terra Madre
Events for young farmers- including Rabbit Roast.
Fundraising for the above projects
Outreach for above projects
Networking for above projects
Locational Specifics:
We are based in Red Hook, NY in the offices of Hudsonia Institute. 7539 North Broadway, Red Hook NY. We are easily accessible to NYC on Amtrak(Rhinecliff) and MTA (Poughkeepsie). The Farm-house is located near the Village of Nevis on the border of Columbia County/Dutchess County.
Your needs:
It helps to have a car, but its not imperative. We have a ultility bike for your use, please bring a helmet, blinky light, headlamp, sleeping gear, towel etc. The bike has an electric-assist motor. If you have pruners, favorite tools etc. bring them. If you have favorite pens or a personal laptop you may use them--we have a computer for you to use as well as printer/fax/scanner etc. Severine/the Greenhorns has a vegetable oil powered Mercedes wagon for farm-chores, shoots and daily commuting.
Farm Daily duties:
Care of rabbits, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens. Large organic Garden, and edible landscape installations. Seasonal management of rare fruit orchard. Processing of herbs for tea. Processing of animals for meat. Collecting eggs, weeding, watering, harvesting, planting seedlings, plant propagation, cleaning cages, fuel filtration, cooking, wildcrafting, jam/syrup making, various fermentation projects and craft dying. etc. Chores- minding the ship while the director of Greenhorns is away on shoots. There is potential to get involved in more animals if the intern is committed. Larger farming space is avail next year for increased production of fruits, herbs and specialty vegetables for dehydration.
Usually the farming work happens in the morning and evening, and the office work happens in the heat of the day. Its a pretty good schedule. The office is 30 min bike ride from the farm-house, the big garden is 15 mins from the farm-house, the orchard is 40 mins drive from the farm-house. Its full on, but great fun.
Greenhorns work:
Its in the office folks, and there is air conditioning! Administrative work, filing, library management, film production assistant, logistics/travel, research, communication with young farmers, outreach to various groups, random errands, events planning, donations gathering, publications outreach. (Editing, Logging tapes, Organizing photos, writing transcripts, editing texts, photoshopping, layout work, workshop preparations, conference outreach preparations)
You should be:
Quick, Strong, Brave, Determined. Happy-go-lucky and ambitious.
Preferably with an agricultural background or experience with organic gardening. Preferably with some non profit/organizational/activist experience-- but if you are quick enough that doesn't matter. Muscles help, and a willingness to work in the sunshine when its hot. There is a great river, pond and lake for swimming right next to the house and on the farm. Confident, good communications, commitment to sustainable agriculture and preferably someone who wants to be a farmer. Good writing skills key! Good self-motivation and structured work-pace good. Math skills? Film skills? Great with grants? Wonderful.
About the work:
It is quite an intense working environment with dedicated team of agricultural activists, especially working with Severine, director of greenhorns on a lot of administrative stuff. Room and Board are of highest quality in a lovely space- meals are shared and prepared in a cooperative manner from the farm, local farm stands and all organic staples. Visitors and collaborators are visiting pretty much every weekend--events are peppered quite densely throughout. Everyday adventures, early to bed, early to rise.
Stipend $500 per month to cover personal expenses. This is not a money job, its a heart mission skill work job. Come in with the expectation that you'll be stretched, worked and nurtured, but not terribly well paid. This can be for the summer, or on a month by month basis. Trial period is one month. Most of these things are up for discussion if you are really the right person for the job.
Read more about us and the project on the website: www.thegreenhorns.net
Starts ASAP.
Please send a resume and one page letter of interest to
[email protected]