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Greenhorns Cider Camp 2019, in the news!

Posted: November 18 2019

For all yee greenhorns whose end-of-summer plans did not involve the pippins of Pembroke, check out this fun and informative article by Jeffrey B. Roth, Maine Correspondent to Lancaster Farming journal: Hard Cider Production Is Focus of DIY Cider Camp.

Gene Cartwright emptying bucket into portable apple grinder to make the pulpy mash that goes into electric cider press. Featuring Smithereen Farm's Timber Frame Kitchen, Herb Drying Attic, and Blueberry Shed (in the far right)!

Severine reports: “We hope to host more workshops on these kinds of things, co-visioning natural resource economies that are of use in this region. And, we believe that there will be more young farmers in this region — that is why we are here,” Tscharner Fleming said in her welcoming remarks at the cider-pressing weekend in mid-September.

And a dreamy description of Cider Camp's festivitis: "At the cider event, Cartwright set up his portable apple grinder and cider press in front of the Farm Camp, a two-story, timber-frame outdoor kitchen, which features a large cast-iron kitchen wood-stove. Baskets and bins containing various small apple varieties, along with chokecherries, blueberries and nuts, lined the entrance of the building. With the help of attendees, he demonstrated grinding and pressing apples, the first step in the cider-making process."

AND of course, stay tuned for upcoming schedule to join us for the next round of Greenhorns Summer Camp workshops and camps in 2020!!