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greenhorns artwork + brooke budner

Posted: June 24 2009

by now you've probably taken note of the artwork that adorns our letters, websites, stickers and guidebook.  It's all the work of the brilliant Brooke Budner, official Greenhorns illustrator!  
Brooke  is an artist, a grower and a food lover who manages a quarter acre urban garden in the Mission District of San Francisco.  we love her vision and style and we love sharing it with you.  We've just received a gorgeous new set of 3 posters designed by Brooke, and freshly printed by our friends in North Carolina.  The posters are filled with sketches of funky kitchen implements, real food, etc.  We know you'll love them. 
You can purchase the posters on our etsy site!  Along with stickers, tshirts, etc.