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Green String Farm Band

Posted: February 1 2009

greenstringfarmbandCheck out their amazing pesticide free, farm-inspired tunes at:
What is Green String Farming? Green String is the act of farming sustainably and naturally so that we provide a healthy future for generations to enjoy. Green String Farm makes every effort to reduce soil erosion, pesticide dependency, loss of biodiversity, resistance to natural predators, and other harmful ecological impact. What is The Green String Farm Band? We make pesticide free music. No overdubs, no edits, RAW. Like conventional farming, our belief is that the creation of music has become overproduce, poisoned by progress and ignores where we have come from. Organic farming is not new, it has just been rediscovered our music is the same. We are not doing anything new just reminding people of our American musical history and folding in our unique Sonoma County perspective. The Green String Farm Band was born on a single day of live recording in a 1900's School house on the farm itself. We chose original and traditional material with the grand plans to make people happy. The music is to be enjoyed on the back porch, in the living room, with friend and callused hands with drink and home cooked food. This is ruff, real and to be sung out loud together.