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grassroots cartography

Posted: August 30 2010

A blog that catalogs the Grassroots Cartography art exhibit curated by SEA Change in Portland, Oregon, USA in May 2009. www.seagallery.wordpress.com

This exhibit featured maps

  • of where our food comes from locally and globally
  • comparing unemployment rates of past and present recessions
  • representing different definitions of sustainability
  • of Los Angeles’s water systems, demonstrating how it drains streams
  • countries where the us has dropped bombs
  • blank maps of Portland that the audience filled in
  • of places where communities connect, these places were mapped by audience members
  • of future worlds that thrive sustainably
  • demonstrating the use of public transportation increases when access to it increases
  • personal bike routes through Portland
  • of “Portlandness”
  • different countries’ land claim to Antarctica, and how their claim is disappearing as the ice melts.

Intention of Exhibit: How can maps help us understand, shape, and gain perspective on the world we live in? These cartographic interpretations and visual conversations seek to:

  • effectively quantify the positive and negative effects we have on the world
  • depict the health of our world today in reference in to the past and future
  • emphasize the subjective nature of map making
  • connect communities
  • democratize our ability to shape the world we live in