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grain situations

Posted: April 25 2011

lots of times people wonder how this local food movement is going to 'Feed the masses'

Those of you here likely have your own favorite answer to this question, but recently mine has had to do with Succession.
the succession of local farm operations, that grow more sophisticated, more logisticated, more formalized and diversified with each passing year.
And local grain growing is a huge part of that.
My friend Dorn recently told me he did the math. 
He could do 100 loaves of bread per week with only 8 acres of Wheat in new hampshire.
seems pretty managable?
learn more. think business.
Growing Organic Small Grains in the Northeast (pdf) by R. Kersbergen, E. Mallory, T. Molloy
Small Organic Grain Production (pdf) by ATTRA
Top Ten Factors to Consider Before Growing Grains (pdf) by Dr. Heather Darby
Managing Cereal Grains for Forage (pdf) by Dr. Heather Darby
Cereal Grains Grown in New England (pdf)
Growing Grains on a Small Farm (Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center website)
What Works For Us: Crop Rotation and Weed Control in Organic Cash Crops (video of Steve Lalonde’s presentation at 2011 NGGA winter conference)
red hook, new york