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got extra veggies? want veggies?

Posted: August 6 2009

two sites will help you get your veggie trade on.
The Farmer's Garden
Do You Have Extra Garden Produce?
Do you grow your own fruits or vegetables, but harvest more produce than you, your family, friends and co-workers can eat? Are you tired of eating zucchini, peas, beans or tomatoes every day? Does your family roll their eyes and groan when they see what's for dinner, again?
Do You Want Locally Grown Produce?
Do you live somewhere without a space to grow your own fruit or vegetables? Do you lack a green thumb or the time to plant and tend a garden? Would you like to eat fresh locally grown food?
The Solution:
Register for FREE to post free classified ads to sell, trade or give away your surplus backyard produce. Individuals and food pantries can also register to post wanted classifieds. You do not need to register to become a locavore and search for fresh, local produce in your area.
We believe a bonanza of fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and more are found right in your own backyard—and your neighbors’ yard too.
It's local, affordable and sustainable, but we've noticed a lot of it goes to waste. You plant too many tomatoes, or your plum tree has a bumper crop, most of which is enjoyed by the sidewalk and the grass...
So we’ve launched Veggie Trader – a free resource for bringing good food and good people together. Sign-up and give it a try!