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Got a spare truck in West Oakland?

Posted: June 2 2009

City Slicker Farms is looking for one...
We're still looking for leads on a NEW TRUCK
Our 1987 Ford is on its last wheels and has broken down three times in the last month alone. A truck is essential to our weekly farm and gardening chores, which consist of hauling soil, compost, manure, wood and tools.
Every Saturday we use the truck to build a Backyard Garden at someone's home, and whenever our truck breaks down a family's access to fresh produce can be delayed for months. Can you can help up connect with someone who has a truck and could potentially donate or sell it to us at reduced cost? Please get in touch! We're looking for:
• Small Dump Truck or Large Pick-up Truck
• 3-5 cubic yard capacity
• Diesel is preferred
• Dumping capability preferred
• In very good working condition
Thanks in advance for any help!
City Slicker Farms
1724 Mandela Parkway, Suite 5
Oakland, CA 94607