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Good Husbandry Grants

Posted: July 10 2011
AWA Announces Call for 2011-2012 Good Husbandry Grant Proposals
 Animal Welfare Approved, the nonprofit certification program and food label for pasture-raised meat, dairy and eggs, is pleased to announce a call for proposals for its 2011-2012 Good Husbandry Grants. Now in its fourth year, the Good Husbandry Grants program has funded nearly one hundred projects across the country to improve farm animal welfare. Certified farmers and those who have submitted an application for AWA certification may apply for up to $5,000 towards projects such as mobile housing, breeding stock, and on-farm processing equipment. Slaughter plants working with or seeking to work with AWA farmers are also eligible for funding.
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The funding priorities for this year's cycle include improved genetics, increased outdoor access, welfare improvements in the slaughter process and non-lethal predator control. As pasture- and range-based management is a fundamental requirement of AWA certification, a primary goal of this grant program is to facilitate the growth and success of high-welfare, pasture-based systems. Previous on-farm projects include: new mobile housing, incorporation of new genetics to better facilitate pasture-based management and incubators for on-farm hatching. AWA's Good Husbandry Grants program will also continue its focus on welfare improvements in the slaughter process. Previous slaughter plant projects include: a new knock box and handling facility improvements, stunners for on-farm poultry slaughter, a mobile processing unit and visual barriers to reduce handling stress. Profiles of previous Good Husbandry Grants awarded are available online at http://www.animalwelfareapproved.org/farmers/awa-grants-past/.
Farmers and slaughter plants interested in applying should visitwww.animalwelfareapproved.org/farmers/grants-for-farmers for Guidelines, FAQ and an application. Please contact Grants Coordinator Emily Lancaster at [email protected] or (202) 618-4497 with any questions.
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