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GMOs don't help young farmers

Posted: February 25 2011

In the last three weeks. New crops. ALfalfa, sugar beets, ethanol corn.

What is going on ? obama?
You need us to show you the movement? You need us to get direct up in your space?
You need some squealing piglets on the white house lawn?
These developments erode the resiliency of our agricultural system, imperil conventional and organic producers, and continue to concentrate power with corporate food giants.
Obama promised for manditory GMO labelling during his campaign.
I want this administration to know we noticed he did not meet that pledge.
And that our job as young farmers is hard enough without worrying about contamination, without a spiraling corporatization of our foodsystem.
We need more+ better businesses run by people who LIVE + WORK in rural america, not ever bigger big businesses that hire contractors to their dirty work.
Give us a set of rules that allows us to play fair. We are ready to play fair.
red hook, new york