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garden to table dinner - West Virginia

Posted: June 3 2010

This is happening on Saturday, with a high tunnel tour on Sunday!

+++  June 5 -- FEAST Garden-To-Table dinner by the New River Gorge +++
Experience five lavish courses of locally-grown delights from JMCatering, a local Fayetteville-area gourmet caterer specializing in local and organic food and featuring several products from our Farmers Market sellers.  Proceeds will help support our efforts to hire our Market's first part-time "staff" and to work towards accepting use food stamps (a.k.a SNAP benefits) at the Market.  The dinner and the weekend's other Farmers Market events are being profiled for a West Virginia-based community development media project and we hope to have a good turnout so that we can bring some media attention to our local foods work.  Scroll down for more info and links to epically picturesque photos from last year's FEAST....
*Before the Dinner...* on Saturday morning, we welcome you to visit our spring Farmers Market -- 7:30-11:30am at the Fayette County Courthouse, on Wiseman Ave. in downtown Fayetteville.  We'll be holding a media blitz to promote the market, and hope to have a crowd!  Come be an "extra"...
*After the Dinner...* On Sunday, if you're into gardening and season extension, you can stay for a tour of the high tunnel our market members helped build at Southern Appalachian Labor School.  The high tunnel, built for Fayette County's new Growing Together youth gardening program, was sponsored by the Central Appalachian Network as an opportunity for local farmers to learn about high tunnel construction.  The tour is on Sunday, June 6 at 2pm in Beards Fork, WV and capacity is limited, so email [email protected] for details on that event.
We love our farmers!  Please forward to your friends who love their farmers too, and like to eat well.
++ FEAST EVENT DETAILS FROM JMCATERING -- please visit the websites below to answer any questions. ++
Avoid the work and enjoy the harvest with us on Saturday June 5 2010 as we offer another fabulously delicious FEAST Garden-To-Table dinner. 5 full courses, 4 lovely wines (sparkling & still), a grand table of terrifically interesting guest (that means you) and a feeling of accomplishment knowing you are supporting quality local foods, healthy farms and sustainable ideals. Join us won't you?
The location of the dinner is somewhere in and around the New River Gorge, in southern West Virginia. We can’t tell you where as of today. . . but JMCatering will email you with detailed directions to the location and notes about the event 6-7 days prior to your dinner date.
Register online through our secure Paypal storefront. Have questions? Read through the FAQ at the link below.  Reserve your seat at the table today! This entire meal was made from local ingredients (except the flour for the pasta), many of them coming from the farmers right down the road in my rural neighborhood, others from fellow gourmand gardeners in town along with the farmers (goat milk gatherers!) Darlene and Joe. The dinner became exactly what I had envisioned when I first started down the road of producing the FEAST using only local foods and in doing so I have come to realize that making the connection to our land -just this easily- is becoming a real possibility for more and more people. Seek out your local farmer's markets or roadside stands and consider how you can make your dining more local anytime you eat. Bon Appetite!!
Register here: