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Fruit Forest: Orchard as Ecosystem

Posted: September 2 2009

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This is part of the World Leaders in Sustainability Series
Fruit Forest: Orchard as Ecosystem
September 11-13
MA Center in Castro Valley, CA
Join us as we explore the uncharted intersection of Food Forests and Production orchards. Following up his eye-opening classes and keynote address at this year’s CRFG’s Festival of Fruit, Michael Philips is returning for a 3-day intensive workshop in the East Bay area. The course is brought to you by Common Vision, a nonprofit that has planted over 4000 fruit trees in low income schools and humanitarian community centers across California.
Michael Philips is author of The Apple Grower, a definitive guide to growing organic fruit holistically. Michael's knowledge of fruit trees, orchard management, companion plants, and soil science weaves the intuitive knowledge of our great-grandparents with the fruits of modern scientific research and innovation. Using the Easy Bay’s MA Center’s orchards, Michael will share a powerful fusion of permaculture vision, soil micro-life science, holistic tree & orchard health, and insightful anecdotes from 3 decades of organic production to share principals and strategies to create an optimal “forest-edge- ecosystem” perfect for fruit trees.
More information here: http://commonvision.org/programs/courses/applegrower/applegrower.php


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