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from the roof

Posted: July 11 2009

This week on Greenhorn Radio, Severine chatted with our friend Annie Novak of Rooftop Farms.  You can listen here, and read on for the latest news from the roof!  Getting your hands dirty with Annie & Ben is a great way to spend some weekend hours if you find yourself city-bound.
Dear urban farmers, friends and volunteers,
Thank you for your support--and the outpouring of emails from local gardeners and wanna-be-green thumbs. Now that you've contacted us, here's how to get started:
Sunday, July 12th:

  • Farm Stand (44 Eagle St), 10am-4pm: Last week was a great success and the stand is back on Sunday! Our commitment is to you, good eaters. Bring friends, a reusable bag, and an appetite for the delicious end of spring crops and a medley of summer crops (salad greens, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, and much more!).
  • Volunteer, 9am-4pm. Whatever your skill level, you are welcome to help. We're looking for hands to help build our second compost bin, but don't worry: we're also doing some serious crop-switching. Get ready to get your hands dusty with our fine rooftop soil.
  • 2pm Workskhop: Annie continues to offer free education on how to plan, troubleshoot, and grow vegetables at your own urban spaces.

And beyond the Farm...

  • Good news: our friends at Queens County Farm are looking to fill an apprenticeship position. If you've written us regarding your desire to farm, look no further than our next-up borough. Inquire after Michael Grady.
  • Neighbors: Bushwick has a farmer's market! Eat well by supporting them on Wednesdays.
  • And as always, we encourage you to shop local, adopt some plants from our nursery, build up your garden, and continue to check in as we post news, photos and media links on our website.

Hope to see you again (meet the rest of you soon!),
Ben Flanner & Annie Novak
44 Eagle St, Brooklyn, NY