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fracking activists examine school lunch & the co-ops

Posted: March 10 2011

...as economic driver for region in peril
Just an interesting "small" story with big impact.
From our friend Clare: If Sullivan and Delaware Counties do not jump on this, the business will go to TriState producers who are not over Marcellus shale. Will the counties nearest New York City, which should benefit from their proximity and longer growing season, get it together and go green, or submit to the will of the drillers and become an industrialized wasteland? You tell me.

Also see the article about Park Slope Food Coop and the other one further north saying they will avoid fracked areas. The important takeaway is that even organic farmers who don't lease will lose in this scenario if their neighbors get drilled.
this blogger gets it completely wrong that NY has "almost banned fracking" but other interesting points:

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