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forthland, art, community and harvesting the commons

Posted: July 16 2017

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We have recently discovered fourthland, a collaborative art and performance community in the UK which first emerged in 2008. It's hard to do justice to fourthland and the work that they do in words. They create and explore objects, land, people and myths in interlinked creative and unconventional social and artistic ecosystems. The work that they do is concerned with feminine principles and alternative societies these principles permeate everything that they do.

Their previous projects have covered topics such as climate change, education and heritage as they have explored ways for us to collectively relearn and reconnect with our often estranged yet inherently human climate and social consciousness. The work they do is magical and inspiring and incorporates creative new ways of thinking with traditions and practices that many of us have all but forgotten. Their main areas of work cover the topics of Land and People, workshops, documents and interruptive performances.
One of their recent projects "Harvesting the Commons" takes it's inspiration from the historical commons and the cultural practices that arose as part of the commons such as dance, rituals, feasts and entertainment. Their modern take offers an alternative commons, the commons emerging in urban public spaces in London Estates. This commons is defined in many ways be its multi-ethnic roots with diverse cultures and traditions merging in the same space. Harvesting The Commons is a celebration of cultural diversity and the potential for the emergence and evolution of new social structures.
To learn more about Forth Land click HERE