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Forestry & Fire Ecology Workshop

Posted: April 26 2009

Join us at Polcum Springs for an innovative forestry workshop with noted permaculture instructor, Dennis Martinez.
FORESTRY AND FIRE ECOLOGY: Indian Traditional Landcare Practices and Modern Community-Based Biocultural Restoration
May 9 and 10, 2009
At Polcum Springs, near Laytonville, CA
Registration Deadline: April 30
This two day workshop will focus on how the land used to look when Indian people were burning these mountains and valleys on a regular basis, how this affected the integrity and health of north coast ecosystems, and provided a rich bounty for its peoples. Dennis will relate this ecologically healthier and fire-proof past with the degradation that has occurred since Indians were removed from their landcare roles, and share ideas on how to restore a semblance of the past while adapting to modern changed environmental conditions.
Fire as a restoration tool will be discussed, as well as how to deal with water loss, fire hazard, diseases like SODS, and the names and uses of native plants. Finally, Dennis will talk about inter-generational community biocultural restoration and restoration economy during these hard times.
Sliding Scale $125 - $175; Camping, showers, Sat. dinner and Sun. brunch are included; Work trade available.
To register, contact Alison Pernell, [email protected], 707.972.1364; Registration Deadline: April 30.
Dennis Martinez is of Oâ€TModham, Chicano, and Swedish heritage. He has worked in ecocultural restoration for nearly 39 years as a restoration and ethno-ecologist. He is Founder and Co-Chair of the Indigenous Peoplesâ€TM
Restoration Network of the Society for Ecological Restoration International. He works internationally with community-based Indigenous Peoples on cultural rights, resource access and protection, climate change, forest restoration, and bridging Western Science with Traditional Ecological Knowledge. He is a well-known speaker and writer, has received awards in restoration and social justice. He consults with many groups including the American Indian and Alaska Native Climate Change Network on Indigenous adaptation and mitigation of climate change.


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