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For Young Farmers Only: Quick + painless survey re: land access

Posted: August 24 2009

Young Farmers!  This is a 'blast survey'. It should take 2 minutes.
Please fill it out by following this link: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEthMkZQcWR3ZXFpZ1Y2SzFHWVBLVEE6MA..
Some of you may have filled out our longer survey at www.serveyourcountryfood.net But frankly, most of you have not. We are trying to gather quantitative and qualitative data about the experience of young farmers so that we can MAP that data by geopoint, GRAPHICALLY. This means we will create icons (little pie charts) that colorfully show a snap-shot of land access by young farmers. The point of this is to bring the land-access issue to the minds of 'sustainable eaters' many of whom are also landowners and, fortunately, voters. We are beginning the slow build to a national consensus about the need for reciprocal and productive relationships between farmers and landowners. We thank you kindly for sharing your story.
PRIVACY NOTE: You can choose to give us anonymous results by not filling out personal data fields. We hope, however, that you do give some address/location information for us to plot the data on the map, even if you don't want to give your contact information.
Welcome to the network!