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foodshed protection

Posted: March 24 2010

thanks to our friend and ally Kevin Skvorak of Regeneration CSA for sending us this link! 
Is it time for concerned NYC people to build an effective foodshed protection movement?
Posted by sarah williford & kevin skvorak on March 15, 2010
There are deep and unavoidable connections between a healthy secure local food supply, NYC food-shed protection and new farmer opportunities in the Hudson Valley. www.HVCALT.org
People in NYC are concerned about a fair, clean, healthy, and equitable local food supply, but how is that going to happen without access to land by new farmers? Speculation on land in the Hudson Valley has driven the price of farmland far beyond its "agricultural carrying capacity". This is not just a problem for new farmers, this is a threat to the long term food security of everyone in the region.
NYS and NYC do not currently have a coherent, or well funded foodshed protection effort, and if NYC people want to eat secure, healthy, local affordable food they are going to need one.
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