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foodsexart tip sheet

Posted: November 2 2010

From the folks at Bouwerie - a nice event list.

hi all- it's your friends at bouwerie. if you're receiving this then you've recently taken part in one of our temporary restaurant happenings or you're a partner in crime and dear friend. we're writing because we've decided to take a brief hiatus for the winter but want to continue fostering community at the intersection of food and art. so, we've decided to start a monthly tip sheet of food and art happenings in bknyc, sfca, laca and pdx. if you'd like to receive the tip sheet each month then hang tight. if you prefer not to receive the tip sheet you can unsubscribe below. if you have something happening and want to list it on the tip sheet email [email protected]. that's all for now, xoxo
1. meat & greet with meatpaper / november 1 2010 / sfca / details here
2. silent reading with one pot / november 3 2010 / pdx / details here
3. let them eat lacma with fallen fruit / november 7 2010 / laca / details here
4. ccc no. 6 with community cooking club / november 10 2010 / bknyc / details here
5. dinner with feast / november 13 2010 / bknyc / details here
6. OPENwater with OPENrestaurant / november 13/14 2010 / sfca / details here
7. forward to a friend