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fireside cozy lit

Posted: December 1 2010

Far From the Madding Crowd, By Thomas Hardy
About young farmer Gabriel Oak, and young farmerette Bathsheba Everdene-- and their neighbor, middle aged farmer named Boldwood.

Unfortunately, Gabriel was leasing land-- and staked it all on his sheep herd, then his young dog chased the sheep off a cliff. They all died.  In his despondancy he had time to watch buxom Bathsheba who was farm-sitting for her aunt and milking some nice fuzzy jersey cows-- man she had strong arms, and was all sorts of aerobic on horseback. Gabriel was smitten, and he mustered his courage  to approach her as she descended from the milk-shed, pail in hand...
want more?
Yes there is more, luscious details of sheep shearing, of barn construction, of haystack thatching, of auctions, vanity, long suffering handsome men, circus performers oh yes.. and sexual tension.
Get on it!
Another good one:
Blithedale Romance, By Nathaniel Hawthorne,
Back to the land in the old school, the fancy polish protagonist named Zenobia. yip yip hurray. I'm scanning the horizon for the next great lit farmer love book.
The Dirty Life, By Kristin Kimball
A contemporary tale, about one of the coolest farms in New York State, if not America-- and its got some lusty scenes.

red hook, new york