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FIELD program on the olympic peninsula

Posted: March 3 2011

"Interested in farming on the Pacific Northwest? Want to spend the summer surrounded by the beauty of the Olympics? The FIELD program is looking for interested interns to come out and farm on the Olympic Peninsula!

We are a new internship program, associated with Washington State University and a host of farmers (young and old) in Jefferson County. Our goal is to provide a new generation of farmers with the skills and knowledge necessary to (a) begin farming or have farm-related careers, (b)promote leadership skills in sustainable agriculture and local healthy food systems, and (c)develop innovative practices related to agriculture. Check out the website: http://www.springrainfarmandorchard.com/FIELD/
Interns are expected to work 20 hrs/wk on their host farm and attend weekly classes at rotating local farms, that explore a variety of topics. Educational courses include: crop rotation, soil science, farm-to-school education, preserving and canning, animal husbandry, community building opportunities, bee keeping, business planning, value-added products and more. There will also be intern field trips to tour different operations throughout the season.
If you are a brand new farmer and are eager to learn, or have some experience but are ready to plan for your future farm, FIELD is a great way to explore many angles of starting a farm-related career. The program is broken into three, three-month semesters: March through April, June through August and Sept. through November. You need to commit to at least one three month block but you can stay for the entire season as well. These details can be worked out with your host farmer.
Please email Kate if you are interested, along with some information about yourself and your resume if possible: [email protected].

jefferson county, wa