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fermentation workshops 2011

Posted: February 10 2011

From our friend Sandor:
Hello friends,
I've been in semi-seclusion trying to get my new book written. It's another book on fermentation, more in-depth, more ferments, more variations (many contributed by readers of Wild Fermentation and people who have written to me), more exploration of underlying processes, and more troubleshooting. The new book is coming along, but slowly. I'm currently projecting completing the manuscript by September. I've been doing lots of experiments. Lately I've been malting barley, making sake, hammanatto, and one of my new favorites, smreka, a tonic beverage from Bosnia. Smreka could not be simpler to make: Place about 2 cups (? liter) of juniper berries in a gallon (4 liter) jug, and fill it with water. No sugar or anything else required. Ferment for about a month, stirring or shaking and releasing pressure periodically. Truly delicious. Thanks to Luke Regalbuto and Maggie Levinger of Wild West Ferments for sharing that one with me, and thanks to all of you who shared feedback, ideas, and recipes for the book. I'll keep you posted.
To stay focused on the book project, I do not have much teaching scheduled this coming season. But I do have some, most near home in Tennessee, listed below. Please help spread the word. After my book is finished I expect to resume periodic travels spreading fermentation fervor, but I am not prepared to make more commitments until then. However, if you are teaching fermentation classes, or know someone who is, please send me the details and I will gladly post them on my website. There is such a tremendous hunger for this information that the fermentation revival needs more teachers. Workshops can be very simple. Consider spreading your fermentation fervor wherever you live.
Best wishes to you.
Sandor Ellix Katz

Visit www.wildfermentation.com for more info on his classes.

red hook, new york