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farmwalk at doubletree farm, washington

Posted: July 5 2012

Twisp, WA - The fifth farm walk of the Tilth Producers and Washington State University Small Farms Program annual series will take place at Doubletree Farm on Monday, July 9th. Between 12:30 and 4, farmers Sam Thrasher and Paul Soodak will showcase their horse-powered farm.
Doubletree Farm is a four-year-old, small-scale diversified family farm that relies on draft horses for plowing, planting, cultivating and harvesting. Farmers Sam Thrasher and Paul Soodak produce vegetables, beef and pork, as well as hay and grains for the family milk cow and their flock of laying hens. Most of their farm products are sold directly to customers at the Twisp farmers market and through a small winter CSA, with some product going to wholesale markets, local stores and bakeries. Come see how Sam and Paul have developed an integrated, community-based farm utilizing horse power, livestock, manures, cover crops and crop rotations.
"The goals of the Farm Walk Program are to have farmers teach their acquired skills to other farmers, future farmers, or consumers; to bring growers and researchers together to discuss current organic farming research; and to provide input into the development of research agendas," says Doug Collins of the WSU Small Farms Program, and co-chair of the Farm Walk planning committee.   
Farm Walk Registration & Logistics
12-12:30pm Registration; Farm Walk 12:30-4pm   Cost:  $15 for Tilth Producers members, students and interns. $25 for non-members
Registration: Paid pre-registration is recommended for all farm walks.Pre-register online at www.tilthproducers.org or mail a check with your farm walk choices to: Tilth Producers, 4649 Sunnyside Avenue N #305, Seattle, WA  98103.
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Tilth Producers of Washingtonis a membership organization of more than 500 Washington growers and businesses, Tilth Producers promotes ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable farming practices that improve the health of our communities and natural environment. Learn more at www.tilthproducers.org.
WSU Small Farms Program works with communities and individuals across Washington to foster a profitable farming system, to promote land and water stewardship, and to ensure that all Washingtonians have unrestricted access to healthy food. Learn more at http://smallfarms.wsu.edu/.

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