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farmland available for lease/community farming in Northampton, MA

Posted: June 12 2010
Attention: Sustainable Farmers and Farm Education Programs
Up to 110 acres of prime farmland may soon be available for lease in Northampton, MA.  Interested farmers please apply.
The emerging non-profit organization, Grow Food Northampton will undertake a fundraising campaign to purchase the Bean/Allard farmland in Florence, MA in order to create a community farm. Provided the Trust for Public Land is able to preserve this land under APR this fall, selects Grow Food Northampton as the buyer for the APR land, and that they meet their fundraising goals to buy the land by spring 2011, Grow Food Northampton seeks to lease the land in spring 2011 to farmers and/or farm programs that share their vision of sustainable community farming. Leases will be long-term, and will enable farmers to own their farm infrastructure, including in some cases a farmhouse. Farmers will own and independently operate their businesses.
The vision for the land includes:
· Sustainable, diversified agriculture using organic practices
· Food growing for local markets and/or CSA members
· Educational opportunities such as farmer mentoring, farm camps, community workshops, or school programs
· Community engagement such as harvest celebrations, crop mob work-days, contributions to our local food banks, etc.
Farmers may apply to lease any part of the total acreage and will demonstrate extensive experience in sustainable farming or farm education, alignment with Grow Food Northampton's goals, and a viable business plan.  Proposals will be accepted June 3-July 18, 2010.  To request an application, contact Lilly Lombard, 413-584-0081, [email protected]